Jörg Zatachetto


Head of Asset Management

Jörg Zatachetto holds a Master's Degree in Economics from University of St. Gallen (lic.oec.HSG) with major in Finance. He began his career with various experiences in Private Equity and Venture Capital. In 2004 he joined Thalìa Invest in Lugano as a Risk Manager. Thalìa was Generali Insurance Group's centre of compentence for hedge funds. In 2007 Jörg joined the sister company Generali Thalìa Investments France in Paris. He then moved back to Lugano becoming Hedge Fund Analyst and Portfolio Manager, managing different fund of hedge funds and bespoke portfolios. In 2016 he became Head of Hedge Fund Research. He joined Copernicus Wealth Management in 2018 as Head of Multi Management and Research and became CIO of the Copernicus Group in 2019.

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