Institutional clientele

Supporting our institutional clientele with tailored services.

Our services

Asset Management

We offer advisory services on the entire investment universe: from the stock and bond market to the alternative market, to the private equity and Blockchain technology markets. We lay on a team of analysts and managers with extensive experience in alternative investments as well as an Asset Allocation selection committee. Our expertise is put at the service of institutional clients through the advice and the presentation of our investment fund boutique: Traditional UCITS in equity and bond asset classes, alternative UCITS, private equity, thematic AMCs and hedge funds.

Risk Management

The management mandate which is suggested to the customer is based on carefully chosen requirements and objectives. The mandate is integrated into our investment process and subject to monitoring of the established parameters. Active management is supported by a global macroeconomic analysis, in which market opportunities are weighted by comparing the related risks. Each activity is based on a global aggregation of individual portfolio data, reported in a single risk analysis document made available to the client.

Our ambition is to create a fruitful value-generating partnership.