Individuals and families

We offer appropriate solutions to manage personal and family needs of our clients, with the purpose of creating long-term value.

Our services

Wealth Management

Customer needs are the starting point of our commitment. Therefore, we offer highly specialised services aimed both at the protection and transmission of heritage to present and future generations and at supporting the needs arising from the management of daily life. Our solutions are designed to meet these needs and solve any complexity.

Asset Management

We have more than twenty years of experience in personalised portfolio management with excellent returns. We consider the time horizon of the client, and all his investment needs. Together with the client, we choose the best asset management strategy, providing discretionary and advisory mandates, as well as investments in traditional, alternative, personalised and socially responsible sustainable funds (ESG).

Risk Management

Risk management is the "common thread" behind the services and products we offer. It starts with an appropriate identification of risk, goes through the investment process until the verification that the customer's objectives are met. Portfolio management is supported by a global analysis, where market opportunities are weighted by comparing the related risks. Each activity is based on a global aggregation of individual portfolio data, reported in a single risk analysis document made available to the client and ESG.

"We care about our clients’ needs. We transform their problems into solutions."

Nadia CascianoHead of Wealth Management and HR & Founding Partner
We care about our clients’ needs. We transform their problems into solutions.